About SparkedHost

SparkedHost is an amazing Game & Web hosting.
They offer very cheap dedicated servers and VPS', CS:GO, Unturned hosting, Rust hosting, Minecraft hosting, etc.
The CEO (Paul) is amazing. He's thinking smart & professional and he's really helpful.
The support team is very active, and their experience is very good, they are always up for helping you.
Because I work at SparkedHost, it doesn't mean I'm getting everything free, therefore I'm actually buying quite a bit of stuff from them.
Their website hosting (which I'm using right now for this site) is amazing, I've experienced NO downtime at all, and it's really fast for $1.5
Minecraft and Unturned on Budget had NO LAG at all, but if you have a higher player base, they offer Premium hosting will amazing processors and DDR4 memory.
They are rated 5 stars on TrustPilot.
SparkedHost is also a registered company in Connecticut

Use code "IDARKYY10" for 10% off everything lifetime