What I do

I work as a java developer.
I make bukkit/spigot plugins, discord bots, software, and more.

Professional and Clean code

I make my code as professional and clean as possible to allow clients to make changes they like.


I've been learning java for over a year now and worked with spigot and JDA for over 5 months.
I have experience clients need.

Large projects.

Unless it's a public project or something I enjoy, I won't be working on large projects
I don't have time nor will to work on projects that could take a month or more to finish.
I also saw many people charging back $300+ worth of plugins before, and I'm not willing to take the risk.

Want some cool stuff?

Recent Projects

You can use or contribute to any of these projects

Not all my projects are listed here.
You can check them out them at my

You deserved happiness

Happy Clients

“Vouch... Great guy and super good prices. Works hard and makes sure everything is working properly. I even went back to him 2 weeks later to fix something and he did for free. Overall great job.”

— KingCOLT


— None


— None


— None


I've worked on many projects, not for many clients though.

++ Projects Done
1+ Happy Clients
1+ Hours Spent
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I work short 'n long times!